Learn to Snap

Welcome to our website where you can learn how to snap!:

Here you will learn how to snap in a few steps!

1 You have to have your hands dry they cannot be wet but they can be moist reasoning is because if they are wet it doesn't allow force to be used

2 Begin by putting your thumb and middle finger together. Tip- Do not use the tips of your fingers. Using tips of fingers will cause your fingers to not have much force

3 Put your thumb and middle finger together while applying pressure were your fingers turn pink-red. Tip- The more pressure you build up the more power your snap will have and it will be louder

4 After you have put your fingers together begin sliding your thumb and your middle finger past each other. Tip- your middle finger should be lying on your palm everytime you slide your fingers past each other

5 Put at the steps together to complete a full snap. You might not get at first and if you are putting too much force it will hurt you. With practice you will be able to snap successfully.

Thank you for checking out our website!